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I have never felt the need for any storage unit before. When I started selling things online, my inventory started taking over my home. So, what can you do with inventory that you need to succeed with online sales? You rent a storage unit and organize your inventory in the unit. This blog will provide you with a lot of tips that can help you find, lease and organize your storage unit so that you can find things easily and get it all shipped out to the right customers as quickly and efficiently as it is humanly possible to do so.

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4 Garage Organization Storage Options To Help Control Your Clutter

It's difficult to find things when you need them when your garage is a cluttered mess. Plus, disorganized clutter can take over your garage and not leave enough room for your car. The solution is a garage organization storage system. Here are four ideas for organizing your garage. 

1. Keep Things Visible With Pegboards

If you like to keep tools and sports equipment visible so you always know where things are, a pegboard system might work for you. A pegboard hangs on the wall so you can get clutter off of the floor. You can arrange the hangers any way you like, so you can hang both small tools and a big bike from the wall. This type of garage storage system ensures everything has its own hanging place so you can eliminate the jumbled clutter you encounter if you store things in totes.

2. Maximize Space With A Ceiling Shelf

Utilize overhead space by hanging a shelf from the ceiling. This allows you to store things in totes that you don't use very often and place the totes out of the way. This frees up floor space and gives you room to park your car under the shelf. It might be unhandy to store things on a ceiling shelf that you'll need frequently, but one of these shelves helps you utilize the space in your garage for storing seasonal items and other things you don't use very often.

3. Store Items Of All Sizes On Adjustable Shelves

Shelves are a classic storage option. You can find shelves for an affordable price that are durable and easy to assemble. Shelves keep your clutter organized, yet you can lump things together in storage totes so you don't have to hang things individually. Adjustable shelves are especially useful since you store items of all sizes in your garage. You can store large, heavy items on the lower shelves and lighter, smaller things on the top shelves.

4. Secure Your Belongings In Garage Cabinets

Cabinets are a good storage solution for a garage since they help keep your things more secure as well as organized. If you keep the cabinets closed, no one can tell what you have stored in your garage. This is an important consideration if you like working in the garage and keeping the door open for a breeze. Cabinet systems come with both drawers and shelves so you can store items of all sizes neatly out of the way. Cabinets are also a more attractive garage organization storage option since all of your clutter will be out of sight.

Visit a local home improvement store to learn more about garage organization storage solutions