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self storage for online sales inventory

I have never felt the need for any storage unit before. When I started selling things online, my inventory started taking over my home. So, what can you do with inventory that you need to succeed with online sales? You rent a storage unit and organize your inventory in the unit. This blog will provide you with a lot of tips that can help you find, lease and organize your storage unit so that you can find things easily and get it all shipped out to the right customers as quickly and efficiently as it is humanly possible to do so.

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Keep Holiday Gifts A Secret By Storing Them In A Storage Facility

The holiday season is a time of joy and excitement. Everyone knows that soon they will be spending time with relatives and opening presents. Knowing where to store the presents so that children do not find them can be a bit difficult for many parents. If you are looking to keep your children's presents as much of as a surprise as possible, consider storing them in a storage unit. The following guide walks you through a few reasons why a storage unit may be the best option for storing your holiday presents this holiday season. Read More 

Three Ways To Cut Down On The Cost Of Your Storage Unit

If you've been eager to rent a storage unit as a way to declutter your home or store the extra items for your small business, don't let the idea of having to pay a monthly bill get in your way. While many storage facilities offer a wide spectrum of rates suitable for people of all budgets, there are a number of creative ways to further reduce the amount that you spend for renting your unit. Read More 

Fall Long-Term Self-Storage Cleaning Tips

If you keep your belongings in a long-term storage unit, you need to clean out your storage unit this fall. Even though your long-term storage unit should be secure, in order to keep your belongings safe and in good shape, you need to clean it out every few months. Here is a quick fall storage cleaning checklist to run through the next time you have a free afternoon. Check Your Boxes Read More 

The Process Of Ensuring Self-Storage Safety

If you're considering self-storage, you need to ensure that you take a variety of safety precautions. The following procedures will help you choose the safest site, understand its security measures, and maintain the safety proficiency of your site's door. Assessing Possible Break-In Risks Before paying good money for a storage facility, you want to make sure you minimize your risk of break-ins. Picking one in a relatively safe neighborhood can help in this task, but gauging an area's safety by sight is often an impossible task. Read More 

Three Creative Uses For A Storage Unit

Storage units have many applications, and once you understand the possibilities, you may find that one of these units fit your lifestyle as well. Although most people associate storage facilities with moving, they do have other uses. The following are three ways you can use a storage unit to make your daily life more convenient. Store your dirt bikes and off-road vehicles A storage facility is an excellent choice to keep your off-road vehicles such as a dirt bike or ATV when not in use. Read More