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I have never felt the need for any storage unit before. When I started selling things online, my inventory started taking over my home. So, what can you do with inventory that you need to succeed with online sales? You rent a storage unit and organize your inventory in the unit. This blog will provide you with a lot of tips that can help you find, lease and organize your storage unit so that you can find things easily and get it all shipped out to the right customers as quickly and efficiently as it is humanly possible to do so.

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Renting A Storage Unit? 4 Ways To Keep Everything Smelling Good Inside

Storage facilities may offer a lot of services to their tenants such as climate control, pest control, a gated entrance, 24/7 security, and high-security locks, but they simply cannot provide everything. It is still possible to fill up your storage unit and end up with a rather unpleasant odor over time. However, even though the storage company may not be able to do anything about the smell, you can fix it on your own.

Bring Highly Absorbent Towels

If you bring in items that are still wet and expect them to completely dry on their own in the unit, you may end up coming back to a mildew-like smell. It is ideal to bring along towels that are extremely absorbent as you can use them to fully dry any items that you may be putting into storage. Making sure that your storage unit is moisture-free is a highly effective way to keep undesirable smells to a minimum.

Get a Climate Controlled Unit

While using your own towels to dry off items is a huge help, you will also benefit from a climate controlled unit. Certain items, such as upholstered furniture or fabric, can hold in moisture on a humid day. This is exactly what you want to avoid if you expect to come back to a pleasant-smelling unit. Climate control will prevent this particular problem from happening.

Introduce Desirable Scents

Similar to how candles are great for deodorizing a room or your entire home, you can use potpourri, fragrance bowls, or sachets with fresh spices to prevent your storage unit from smelling bad. The easiest thing to do is gather spices or herbs, add a few drops of essential oils, put everything into a shallow bowl, and then place it out in the open inside your storage unit. Potpourri and sachets are perfect for ensuring the items inside of plastic bins and boxes smell good once they are removed.

Deodorize Before Storing

An essential part to avoiding a poor-smelling storage unit is to deodorize beforehand. Vinegar and baking soda is the perfect combination, which you need to combine for eliminating bacteria and smell. For instance, before storing winter shoes, you can clean them with vinegar and use baking soda afterwards. Keeping these two ingredients on hand at all times will help with maintaining good smells.

It is not that difficult to keep your storage unit smelling fresh when you have a thorough plan. With tips like these and the help of a storage facility like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center, you can keep your belongings secure and smelling good.